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Mad Thinker (Marvel)
Real Name: Julius
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The Mad Thinker has no superhuman powers. However, he is an extraordinary genius with knowledge of technology centuries beyond conventional science. He has a photographic memory and can rapidly organize and correlate vast amounts of information and perceive non-obvious patterns. He has the facilities and means to create all manner of sophisticated weaponry, androids, armor, and vehicles.

His analytical, mathematical, and geometrical abilities are of a sophisticated order not commonly found on Earth. He is particularly adept at robotics and artificial intelligence. He has constructed his own android, The Awesome Android, and once resurrected the original Human Torch. In addition to his own achievements he has stolen much of the secret technology of Reed Richards, back in the incident when he took over the Baxter building.

The Mad Thinker made his debut fighting the Fantastic Four. He once attempted to take over New York City using the Baxter Building as his base and all organized crime members as his lieutenants. He trapped the Fantastic Four in the lower quarters of the building but was eventually caught, after being stopped by an unforeseen factor: the building's mailman, Willie Lumpkin.

It seemed that his primary objective had not really been to take over the city but to manipulate organized crime into helping him get into the Baxter building so that he could indulge his intellectual avarice by stealing the technology of Reed Richards. In that sense, the Fantastic Four did not really defeat him, they only defeated his pretext. The Mad Thinker would gladly get sent to prison for a peek at the secrets of what he considered the greatest mind in the world.

Prisons don't do well to hold the Mad Thinker and he escapes from all levels of incarceration with little difficulty. Often he doesn't even bother escaping, but simply transmits his thoughts into a robot body at one of his secret bases. He can not only do his work, but he has the perfect alibi—he's already in prison.

The Mad Thinker became interested in the young supergroup called the New Warriors, and posed them a riddle when they first formed. In the final issue of the series, the answer to the riddle was revealed: the Mad Thinker's nephew had accidentally gained uncontrollable superpowers from his lab, killing his mother in the process. Now, the Thinker wanted them to help him. Presumably they did so using the Neoneutralizer they acquired in that adventure.

Since then, the Mad Thinker has been seen battling She-Hulk in a prison escape attempt. However, this Mad Thinker was revealed to be merely an android duplicate of the real Mad Thinker, created for purposes as yet unknown.

Although willing to kill heroes who get in his way, there are lines the Mad Thinker will not cross. A partnership with the Wizard was cut short after the kidnapping of the child Franklin Richards. The Wizard wished to experiment upon Franklin and learn the secret of his vast powers. The Mad Thinker, however, claimed that this had an almost certain probability of Franklin's death. When the Wizard acknowledged this but decided to continue anyway, an angry Thinker dissolved the partnership and helped lead Franklin's godfather, The Thing, to where the Wizard had the boy hostage. Currently, the Mad Thinker has himself allied with the Puppet Master, planning to strike against the Fantastic Four yet again. Told that he preferred to be called "The Thinker", The Puppet Master asked him why he had been called "The Mad Thinker" in the past. The reply was that he used to have "repressed anger issues". When the Puppet Master asks him about his anger, he replies that "it isn't repressed any more." He has built a device to amplify the Puppet Master's power so that they can escalate a battle between the two rival factions in the Super Hero Civil War.

First name revealed in Infamous Iron Man #2

First Appearance: Fantastic Four (1961) #15

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Issue Appearances:
Age of Ultron (2013)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Avengers (2010)
Avengers (2017)
Avengers Forever (1998)
Avengers Spotlight (1989)
Avengers West Coast (1989)
Captain America (1968)
Captain America (1998)
Captain America (2002)
Captain America: Red, White & Blue (2002)
Captain Marvel (1968)
Civil War II: Choosing Sides (2016)
Conspiracy (1998)
Daredevil (1964)
Daredevil (2014)
Daredevil: Road Warrior (2014)
Dark Reign Files (2009)
Deadpool (2008)
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (2017)
Deadpool Killustrated (2013)
Fall of the Hulks: Alpha (2010)
Fall of the Hulks: Gamma (2010)
Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk (2010)
Fantastic Four (1961)
Fantastic Four (1998)
Fantastic Four (2005)
Fantastic Four Adventures (2005)
Fantastic Four Roast (1982)
Fantastic Four: Foes (2005)
Fantastic Four: The End (2007)
Fantastic Four: Wedding Special (2019)
FF (2011)
Great Lakes Avengers (2016)
Hulk (2008)
Illuminati (2016)
Incredible Hulks (2012)
Indestructible Hulk (2013)
Infamous Iron Man (2016)
Invincible Iron Man (2017)
Iron Man (1968)
Iron Man/Hulk (2013)
Marvel 2-In-One (2018)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2002)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Fanfare (1982)
Marvel Masterworks (1987)
Marvel Team-Up (1972)
Marvel Treasury Edition (1974)
Marvel TV: Galactus - The Real Story (2009)
Marvel Two-In-One (1974)
Marvels Companion (2014)
Monsters Unleashed [II] (2017)
New Avengers (2013)
New Warriors (2005)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Power Pack (1984)
Red She-Hulk (2012)
ROM (1979)
Saga of the Sub-Mariner (1988)
She-Hulk (2004)
She-Hulk (2005)
She-Hulks (2011)
Spider-Man Team-Up (1995)
Spidey Super Stories (1974)
Strange Tales (1951)
Tales of Suspense (1959)
Tales of the Thing (2005)
The Age of the Sentry (2008)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
The Avengers (1963)
The Avengers (1973)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The New Warriors (1990)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
The Saga of the Original Human Torch (1990)
The Sensational She-Hulk (1989)
The Sub-Mariner (1968)
The Torch (2009)
The Uncanny Inhumans (2015)
The Very Best of the X-Men (1994)
Thor (1966)
Thunderbolts (1997)
Uncanny X-Men (2013)
West Coast Avengers (1985)
World War Hulks (2010)
X-Men: First Class (2007)
X-Men: Odd Men Out (2008)

Group Affiliation(s):
Council of Doom (Marvel)
Fantastic Four (Marvel)(Mad Thinker's team)
Future Foundation (Marvel)
Intelligencia (Marvel)

Famous Quotes: - Add a Famous Quote
"Next time, my plan will be flawless!"

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