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Sean Collins

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Sean was the son of the original Fred Broca, a Crimson Guardsman who looked exactly like the rest of the "Fred series". Fred's true identity was unknown. Despite being only a child, Sean was aware of the fact that his father worked for Cobra. As a child, he was even present for a fight between his parents and a small team of Joes. After Fred was killed in battle against G.I. Joe, the family got a "replacement" father, Fred II. Sean and his sister Heather quickly realized that the new Fred was not their father. Some time later, Fred II was revealed to be Wade Collins, a former Vietnam prisoner of war and friend of Stalker and Snake-Eyes. Collins decided to turn his back on Cobra and his family followed him to live a somewhat normal suburban life somewhere in America, taking his true name as their own.

Years later, just as the Joe team was being shut down, Sean asked his father's permission to enlist in the Army. Wade was hesitant due to his terrible experiences in Vietnam, but Sean failed to understand just what his father had gone through and what it meant to be a soldier. Wade suggested that Sean should write to Snake-Eyes and ask the opinion of a tough, career soldier. In his letter, Sean explained to Snake-Eyes that he wanted to join the Army because most of his school friends had no direction in life, didn't care about America and certainly had no sense of honor. He wanted to make more of himself. The letter that Snake-Eyes wrote back explained what the commando thought about life as a soldier, and told the stories of the rest of the people from the long range recon patrol unit that Wade and Snake-Eyes were a part of. Moved by the letter, Sean promised his father that he would think about all that Snake-Eyes said before making his final decision. Sean finally decided to enlist even after Snake-Eyes gave him some perspective on the Army, secretly hoping to be like the man he now considered his father.

After distinguishing himself early in his career, Sean was invited to join a covert operations unit called the Hammer Team. After nearly a year of training the five member team performed well on their first serious mission into Afghanistan. Sean became close friends with his teammate Mikhail Derenko, a former Russian Spetsnaz commander. The team's second mission was led by the former G.I. Joe team sergeant, Duke -- who had been working for a secret government organization since the break up of the Joe team -- and undercover operative Chuckles. The goal of the mission was to take down the mercenary Firefly after an elaborate trap was set. At the same time, Snake-Eyes and his new apprentice, Ophelia planned to capture Firefly. Unfortunately, the mission was a disastrous failure. Sean watched the rest of the Hammer Team die even as Ophelia was mortally wounded by Firefly. The operation deeply scarred both Sean and Snake-Eyes.

After seeing another person he cared about die, Snake-Eyes broke off his engagement to Scarlett. Sean took some time off from the Army and tracked Snake-Eyes down at his mountain cabin, hoping the commando could help him deal with the pain and anger over what he had seen. Snake-Eyes agreed to train Sean as a ninja, eventually with the help of the remaining members of the Arashikage clan -- Jinx, Nunchuk and T'jbang. Sean came to call Snake-Eyes "Silent Master." Almost another year passed, and Jinx discovered that Firefly was in Tokyo to meet with the "Nowhere Man", an unidentified man who was recruiting soldiers and mercenaries, including former members of Cobra. While tracking Firefly, Sean, Snake-Eyes, Jinx and Budo had the mercenary under surveillance when he met with Storm Shadow to recruit him. A confrontation followed and Snake-Eyes once again fought his sword brother, even as the others tried to capture Firefly. Duke and Chuckles arrived on the scene and soon intervened to help the ninjas evade the Nowhere Man's men. Duke then revealed that the Nowhere Man was actually Mikhail Derenko, who pretended he died with the rest of the Hammer Team. Sean was now determined to get his revenge on Firefly for killing his friends and Derenko for betraying him. At a nightclub in Japan, the mercenaries and the former Joes fought again as Derenko and his men attempted to access an old Cobra weapon locked in a vault that could only be opened by Cobra's high command or members of the Crimson Guard. Sean was shocked to discover that Derenko's latest recruit was his own father, former Guardsman Wade Collins. Wade explained that he only joined with Derenko to bring down his organization from the inside to atone for his past and to make his son proud. As Sean lunged at him, Derenko redirected his attack, causing Sean's sword to wound his father. As his father lay dying in his arms, Sean told him he had always been proud of him. Derenko made his escape, but not before Sean attacked him with throwing stars and blinded him in one eye. But it was too late to save Wade Collins. Weeks later, having passed his final trials, Sean was officially welcomed into the Arashikage clan, receiving the clan tatoo and naming himself "Kamakura" after the clan's golden age.


First Appearance: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982) #30

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Issue Appearances:
Action Force (1987)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982)
G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice (2004)

Group Affiliation(s):
G.I. Joe

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