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Comet (Marvel)
Real Name: Harris Moore
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The Comet could project electrical energy and fly. His body had high resistance to the harmful effects of rapid flight.

A hero from the 1950s, Harris Moore was driving along a desert road when his car gave out. Getting out to inspect his car, Moore saw a burning light in the sky. As the light approached, it seemed to chase him, eventually catching him and bathing him in a reddish glow that changed him. He learned that it was a gaseous comet that had hit him and altered him, giving him superhuman abilities. He used these abilities to fight crime until one of his enemies discovered his secret identity and put a million dollar, dead or alive, hit out on him. An unknown assailant decided to cash in on the offer and blew up Moore's home with him and his family in it. The explosion killed Moore's wife and his two children, their bodies lost to the burning rubble. Moore survived, but just barely and spent three months in the hospital healing. It was during this time he decided that his career as a superhero was over and gave up his identity as the Comet.

The first night he left the hospital, he reached for the liquor bottle, and remained an aimless drunk for years, before being found in an alley by a young high school student named Mike Burley (he himself running from his past having been blackmailed by the Yellow Claw to commit a robbery in order to save his brother's life). Mike took Harris to the hospital where the doctors decided to x-ray him to see if there was anything internally wrong with him. The x-ray machine re-ignited his powers that had gone dormant and he once again became the Comet.

Happening across the hero Nova (Richard Rider) after he had been defeated by the super villain Diamondhead, Comet helped Nova free from the wreckage that Diamondhead had left him in, and joined Nova in his pursuit of the villain. The two found Diamondhead with a little help from the living brain Doctor Sun, only to be defeated. Diamondhead buried Nova under a ton of rubble and rocks and threw Comet blocks away. Doctor Sun retrieved Nova and transported both of them to the Nova Prime Spaceship orbiting Earth, all in a plan to bring Nova back to the planet Xandar (the origin planet of his powers) where Doctor Sun intended to gain the knowledge of the living computers of Xandar to become all powerful.

Meanwhile, Mike Burley once again found the Comet and the Comet told Mike of his troubles and why he decided to stop being the Comet in the first place. During their conversation, the Comet realized that being a superhero might be his only hope for the future. He began to look for Nova, only to have his search interrupted by the superhero known as Crimebuster. Crimebuster, having seen Comet flying through the skies, decided to test him to see if he could prove that he was in fact Comet as the Comet was supposed to have died decades earlier. The two briefly battled before Crimebuster removed his mask to reveal his face. The Comet recognized his face right away as his son Frank whom he thought had died in the explosion that killed his wife and daughter. It turns out Frank had been thrown from the house by the explosion, but was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he believed his entire family to be dead, the same as Harris. Reunited, the two explained their stories to each other, eventually landing upon Nova. As Crimebuster was an ally of Nova, the pair decided they needed to find him and help him.

At this point Nova had been sent back to Earth by the Sphinx, who had been aboard the Nova Prime Spaceship that Doctor Sun had taken Nova to, to find the hero known as Powerhouse (who Nova had battled before when he was being misguided by the villain Condor). Powerhouse was a native to Xandar and the Sphinx needed his knowledge to guide them back to Xandar because he, like Doctor Sun, wanted the knowledge from Xandar's living computers.

As Nova found Powerhouse (who had his memory wiped from a previous battle with the Sphinx) the two battled. Nova was able to knock Powerhouse unconscious just as Comet and Crimebuster found the duo. At the moment they found him, all four were caught in an emerald tractor beam from the Nova Prime Spaceship and transported aboard. As Powerhouse was instructed by the Sphinx to look at the star coordinates on the computer screen, his memory returned to him. All aboard were now on their way to Xandar whether they had wanted to be part of that adventure or not.

Unbeknownst to anyone for a couple of weeks, Diamondhead had seen the reunion between Comet and his son and had snuck aboard Crimefighter's small airship. Crimebuster was flying his airship when he was brought aboard the spaceship so Diamondhead ended up on the journey as well, very reluctantly and only ever wanting to try to get home.

Weeks into the journey, the group, who would form most of the Champions of Xandar, were attacked in space by the Skrulls upon approach of Xandar. They were able to defeat the entire Skrull contingent sent after them but as they approach closer to Xandar, saw one more Skrull ship. They blasted the ship before it could cause trouble only to learn the Fantastic Four were aboard.

Unbeknownst to any of the Champions of Xandar, Adora, the Queen of Xandar, had enlisted the aid of The Fantastic Four as Xandar was under a brutal attack from the Skrulls who wanted to claim the civilization and planet under their reign. The Fantastic Four had been captured by the Skrulls and were able to escape in one of their ships when they encountered Comet and the rest of the group.

On Xandar, Thoran Rul (Protector) integrated with the Living Computers of Xandar to become quite powerful, and along with Nova Prime (Tanak Valt) began to lead Xandar successfully against the Skrull invasion. As Comet, The Champions and the Fantastic Four landed back on Xandar, The Sphinx gained all of the knowledge of the Living Computers of Xandar as well and became all powerful. He headed back towards Earth to destroy it. The groups split in two with The Fantastic Four following The Sphinx and the Champions staying to defend Xandar. Doctor Sun meanwhile, having been along for the ride the entire time, also gained access to The Living Computers of Xandar, and when Mr. Fantastic built H.E.R.B.I.E. with an organic link to the computer systems of Xandar, actually became H.E.R.B.I.E. and left with the Fantastic Four (no one realized this at any point however).

Along with the Nova Corps of Xandar, The Champions of Xandar battled the Skrull invasion, the Skrulls eventually retreating to regroup. Protector & Nova Prime followed the Skrulls, and after weeks of not knowing what had happened, Comet, Crimebuster and Diamondhead also followed, leaving Nova and Powerhouse behind on Xandar.

Diamondhead, staying true to character, betrayed the Champions and deserted to the side of the Skrulls. The Skrulls were able to infiltrate the ranks of the Xandarians before Crimebuster found out. As Crimebuster tried to warn the Xandarians and Comet, he was killed by a Skrull. Comet, having to witness the death of his son a second time, attacked, but the Skrulls used dimensional phaser technology to imprison Comet and many Xandarians in an alternate dimension. The Skrulls then impersonated members of The Champions and headed back to Xandar to renew their attack.

ROM had ended up on Xandar as well and when the Skrulls attacked, the combined might of the remaining Champions: Nova, Protector, Comet, Nova-Prime as well as ROM and native Xandarians who had found the courage to fight back, was able to defeat the Skrulls (albeit after a brutal battle where many lives on both sides were lost).

As the war with the Skrulls was over, ROM headed on his way to his home planet (which he was in search of when he happened upon Xandar) and Nova was transported back to Earth, minus his powers which needed to stay on Xandar. Comet, having lost his son, felt that he should stay on Xandar and continue alongside Protector and Nova-Prime as The Champions of Xandar.

Years later, Nebula and her forces attacked Xandar, simply for being in her way. There was no path to victory this time for Comet, his fellow Champions of Xandar or any Xandarians. Nebula and her forces slaughtered all on Xandar including Comet.

The battle which claimed the life of Comet, his fellow Champions of Xandar (Nova-Prime, Protector and Powerhouse) and all remaining Xandarians on the planet at the time, actually took place off panel. It was revealed in Avengers #260 what had happened, when native Xandarian Firelord, returned home and found Adora dying. She was able to tell him what had happened just before she died, but no other characters that were slain were seen on panel. Comet's last appearance before his off panel death, was in ROM #24.

First Appearance: Nova (1976) #21

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Issue Appearances:
Fantastic Four (1961)
Marvel Age (1983)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Nova (1976)
ROM (1979)
The Marvel Encyclopedia (2006)
The New Warriors (1990)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)
What If? (1977)

Group Affiliation(s):
Champions of Xandar
Nova Corps

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