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Baron Zebek
Real Name: Zebek
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Zebek could ether transform into or attach himself to parts to achieve a powerful centaur form, in which he had at least the lower body strength of a horse. He could further launch his hands from his wrists, controlling them to strangle others even from a distance.

Baron Zebek and his followers came from Aegypta to Ant Tica, slaughtering its queen and enslaving its colony, forcing them to build city from which he would rule. Ant Tica somehow escaped Baron Karza's genocidal slaughter of Homeworld's population, using it as fodder for his Body Banks.

Many of the Ant Ticans were forced to toil ceaselessly, building weapons and buildings for Zebek, or they were forced to fight for their lives within the gladiatorial ring. They were led to believe that by working hard they would be rewarded by being taken within the palace, but the few that made it into the palace acted only as servants for Zebek and his men. A tale of Zebek's peaceful arrival and alliance with the Ant Tican queen was crafted and spread to the Ant Ticans, who were convinced that Zebek was a fair and just ruler with their best interests at heart.

Zebek established Body Banks--based on those Karza used--harvesting limbs and other body parts from some to give to others. He also commanded the creation of the Quarkarion, a powerful subatomic bomb, allegedly to use to ensure peace with the other spheres of Homeworld, since they would not want to war against Ant Tica upon learning of their bomb.

The Micronauts learned the truth behind the rumors of Zebek's peaceful legend. They infiltrated Zebek's "Shadow Priests." Alpha Flight, who had fled to the Microverse via a Prometheus Pit to escape Department H's Epsilon guards, arrived on Ant Tica, where the "Shadow Priests" met with them, telling them how their coming was prophesied. They told the visitors of Baron Zebek, and how he was the savior of his people, how he was a noble explorer who extended a hand in friendship and established a peaceful relationship with the Ant Ticans.
The "Shadow Priests" led Alpha Flight to Zebek's palace, and Zebek greeted them warmly then invited them to join him at dinner, during which they watched a gladiatorial fight in which a more humanoid Ant Tican was slaughtered by the more monstrous Ant Tican Cha Lonn.
Later that night, Alpha wandered the city and surrounding area, and they learned of the Body Banks (in which Manbot was being held) and the Quarkarion, and they encountered the Micronauts, who had infiltrated the "Shadow Priests."

The Micronauts told the Alphans of Zebek's subjugation and cultural genocide of the Ant Ticans, but they were then discovered by Zebek (who had taken his centaur form) and his Dog Soldiers. Harshly questioned and accused of treachery by Zebek, Alpha chose to fight back, joining the Micronauts against the soldiers, though Zebek himself fled the battle. The Micronauts used their ship, the Endeavor, to help the Alphans escape the soldiers. They later returned, again posing as Shadow Priests, bringing the Alphas to the Body Banks. There they freed Manbot, as well as convincing the Ant Ticans to rebel against Zebek's tyranny and storm his palace. Zebek then arrived and fought the heroes, namely Rann and Guardian. Rann revealed that Zebek was held together by magnetic couplings, and Guardian used an electromagnetic pulse to uncouple him, separating him from his hands and his equine lower body. Refusing to accept defeat, Zebek ordered the Quarkarion to be launched, but his former servants, having learned the truth about Zebek from the Alphans, refused to obey him. They instead asked that Zebek's remaining body be given to them, and they would take him to the Body Banks whose last action would be to process the Baron into a full horse that he may finally serve his society.
Alpha helped dismantle Zebek's weapons, and the Ant Ticans tore down his monuments, after which Alpha returned to Earth.


First Appearance: Alpha Flight (1997) #10

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Alpha Flight (1997)

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