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Steeplejack (02 - Maxwell Plumm)
Real Name: Maxwell Plumm
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None. Steeplejack relied solely on his weapons and costume. He carried a gun that was able to fire red hot rivets or be used as a torch which could shoot flame upwards of 20 to 30 feet.

Maxwell Plumm was an unsuccessful business man that ended up in debt to criminal boss Dominic Varone. To make his payments to Varone, Plumm cut corners on his building projects, making them shoddy and dangerous to the workers.

Two men fell to their deaths on one of Plumm's worksites, and their brother, Jake Mallard swore vengance on Plumm. Taking the identity of the original Steeplejack, Mallard tried to kill Plumm when Luke Cage intervene and defeated the original Steeplejack. The original Steeplejack fell to his death during his second encounter with Luke Cage.

Plumm, seeing opportunity, stole Mallard's specialized construction tools which he used as Steeplejack and began selling them.

During the construction of Monarch Plaza, where again, Plumm was dangerously cutting corners, Carol Danver's father, Joesph Danvers was nearly killed, but was saved by his daughter when she appeared as Ms. Marvel. Joseph Danvers, enraged, contacted Plumm and swore he was going to contact the authorities in regards to Plumm's shady practicies. Carol Danvers had the magazine she was working with at the time look into Plumm's background and discovered his ties to the mob.

Later that night, Plumm decided to become the second Steeplejack and went to kill Joesph Danvers in order to protect himself. As Plumm was about to kill Joesph Danvers, Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel showed up on the scene again and saved her father. Ms. Marvel and Steeplejack fought, and Steeplejack was arrested and taken into custody.

Sometime later, Steeplejack agreed to attend a meeting being held at "The Bar with No Name" in order to discuss and plan strategies regarding the recent slaying of costumed villains by the assassin known only as Scourge. Unaware that Scourge was actually in attendance at the meeting disguised as the bartender, Steeplejack and all others at the meeting were brutually slaughtered by Scourge when he shot them all to death.

First appeared as Maxwell Plumm in Power Man #18, and as Steeplejack in Ms. Marvel #14.

First Appearance: Power Man (1974) #18

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Issue Appearances:
Captain America (1968)
Ms. Marvel (1977)
Power Man (1974)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985)

Group Affiliation(s):

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