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The Shadow
Real Name: Kent Allard
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On radio and in the 1994 film, The Shadow uses a telepathic ability to “cloud men's minds so that they cannot see him.” In the pulps, such was not the case, though he did display hypnotic talents.
Instead of mind-over-matter tricks, The Shadow used tricks of another sort – magician’s tricks – to help him battle evildoers.

The Shadow was born Kent Allard, a famed aviator who crashed in the South American tropical jungles and, after making a fortune in that region, returned to the United States, arriving in New York City and adopting numerous identities to cloak his return.

One of these was Lamont Cranston, "wealthy young man about town". In fact, Cranston was a separate character whom Allard resembled (see the story The Shadow Laughs). While Cranston traveled the world, Allard assumed his identity in New York. In their first meeting, with Allard/The Shadow in bed recovering from wounds, he threatens Cranston, saying that he has arranged switched signatures and other means that will allow him to take over the Lamont Cranston identity entirely unless Cranston agrees to allow Allard to impersonate him when he is abroad. Cranston agrees. The two men sometimes meet in order to impersonate each other (see Crime over Miami).

The Shadow had an entire network of agents who helped him in his fight against crime. These included: Harry Vincent, his most trusted associate whose life he saved when Vincent wanted to commit suicide in the first Shadow pulp; Moe Shrevnitz, a cab driver who doubled as his chauffeur; and Burbank, a radio operator who maintained contact between The Shadow and his agents; Clyde Burke, newspaper man. He also carried out undercover work himself in a number of disguises, notably Fritz, a doddery old janitor who cleans at Police Headquarters and listens in on their conversations. Though wanted by the police, The Shadow also worked with them and through them, notably gleaning information from his many chats with Commissioner Weston at the Cobalt Club. Weston believed that Cranston was a rich playboy who dabbled in crime. Another police contact was Detective Joe Cardona, who was active in many Shadow books.

a.k.a. Lamont Cranston

First Appearance: Shadow Comics (1940) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990)
Batman (1940)
Batman/Shadow (2017)
Comic Book Comics (2008)
Comixscene (1972)
Crime Classics (1988)
Danny Fingeroth's Write Now! (2002)
Dave Stevens: Complete Sketches & Studies (2011)
Dave Stevens: Covers & Stories (2012)
Defend Comics (2014)
Detective Comics (1937)
Doc Savage (1988)
Ghost and The Shadow (1995)
Grendel vs. The Shadow (2014)
High Crimes (2013)
Incognito (2008)
Incognito: The Classified Edition (2012)
Justice, Inc. (2014)
Kingdom Come (1996)
Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo (2012)
Marvel Graphic Novel (1982)
Masks (2012)
Masks 2 (2015)
Michael Wm. Kaluta Sketchbook Series (2012)
Millennium Edition:... (2000)
Noir (2013)
Prophecy (2012)
Pulp Action (1999)
Rocketeer Adventures (2011)
Rocketeer Adventures (2012)
Shadow Comics (1940)
Shadow Comics (1941)
Sir Apropos of Nothing (2008)
Tales of the Batman: Len Wein (2014)
The 3-Minute Sketchbook (2007)
The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross (2011)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 4: The Tempest (2018)
The Private Files of The Shadow (1989)
The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine (1988)
The Rocketeer: The Best of Rocketeer Adventures: Funko Edition (2018)
The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures (2009)
The Shadow (1964)
The Shadow (1973)
The Shadow (1986)
The Shadow (1987)
The Shadow (1990)
The Shadow (1994)
The Shadow (2012)
The Shadow (2015)
The Shadow (2017)
The Shadow #100 (2015)
The Shadow 1941: Hitler's Astrologer (2013)
The Shadow and Doc Savage (1995)
The Shadow and the Mysterious 3 (1994)
The Shadow Master Series (2014)
The Shadow Now (2013)
The Shadow One-Shot 2014: Agents of the Shadow (2014)
The Shadow Over Innsmouth (2014)
The Shadow Special 2014: Death Factory (2015)
The Shadow Strikes! (1989)
The Shadow: Hell's Heat Wave (1995)
The Shadow: In the Coils of Leviathan (1993)
The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow (2014)
The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane (2016)
The Shadow: Year One (2013)
The Shadow/Batman (2017)
The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights (2013)
Tim Bradstreet Sketchbook Series (2013)
Twilight Zone The Shadow (2016)

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"Who Knows what Evil lurks in the Hearts of Men?! The Shadow Knows...!"

""The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.""

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