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Swamp Thing (05 - 'Alec Holland')
Real Name:
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Swamp Thing is a plant elemental, which means that his body is made of plant matter, and thus he is extremely strong and hardy. If his physical body is destroyed, he can escape into "the Green" and grow a new body, almost instantaneously. This means that he can also travel by abandoning a body and regrowing one at another location. He can travel through time and even to other planets using this ability. He can extend his body into the Earth and thus large chunks of it. He can grow edible produce from his body, including a particular yam-like tuber that produce psycho-sexual effects. He and his wife use it to simulate sex. Swamp Thing can also animate more than one body at once.

Swamp Thing's body is vulnerable to physical attack, especially anything that would kill plant matter. He is weaker when he is out of his "place of power" (i.e., swamps and jungles).

None entered.

Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson.

Swamp Thing, like all plant elementals, carries the memories of a human who died by fire, in a swamp. The plant body that grew literally consumed his human body, and thus took on his memories and personality. For many years, Swamp Thing thought he was Alec Holland, but Dr. Jason Woodrue/The Floronic Man/Floro discovered the truth about Swamp Thing's origins and deliberately revealed them to him. Although Swamp Thing still answers to the name "Alec," he is fully aware that he is not actually Alec Holland, and never was.

First Appearance: Swamp Thing (1972) #1

Favorite Characters:
Swamp Thing (05 - 'Alec Holland') is a favorite character of 56 users

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Issue Appearances:
1963 (1993)

Across the Universe: DC Universe Stories of Alan Moore (2003)
Action Comics (1938)
Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman (2003)
All-Star Squadron (1981)
Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (1990)
Ambush Bug Nothing Special (1992)
Ambush Bug: Year None (2008)
Animal Man (1988)
Aquaman (1994)
Batman (1940)
Batman Adventures (2003)
Batman Arkham: Killer Croc (2016)
Batman by Doug Moench & Kelley Jones (2014)
Batman: Hidden Treasures (2010)
Batman: Kelley Jones Gallery Edition (2014)
Batman: Shadow of the Bat (1992)
Black Orchid (1988)
Black Orchid (1989)
Black Orchid (1993)
Brightest Day (2010)
Captain Atom (1987)
Challengers of the Unknown (1958)
Comic Book Artist (2003)
Comic Welten (1992)
Cover Story: The DC Comics Art of Brian Bolland (2011)
Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985)
DC Challenge (1985)
DC Comics Classics Library (2009)
DC Comics Presents (1978)
DC Comics Presents: Brightest Day (2010)
DC Comics Presents: Captain Atom (2012)
DC Sampler (1983)
DC Universe by Alan Moore (2012)
DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore (2006)
DCE Essentials: Saga of the Swamp Thing (2014)
Deadman (2011)
Die großen Phantastic-Comics (1980)
Elseworlds: Justice League (2016)
Fate (1994)
Firestorm, The Nuclear Man (1986)
Flashpoint (2011)
Glenn Fabry Sketchbook (2013)
Green Arrow [II] (2010)
Green Lantern (1990)
Guy Gardner: Warrior (1994)
Hellblazer (1988)
Hellblazer (2015)
Hellblazer: Garth Ennis Collection (2012)
History of the DC Universe (1986)
House of Secrets (1956)
Infinite Crisis (2005)
Infinity, Inc. (1984)
Invasion (1988)
JLA: Created Equal (2000)
JLA: Incarnations (2001)
JLA: The Nail (1998)
L.E.G.I.O.N. (1989)
Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo (2012)
Legends of the DCU: Crisis on Infinite Earths (1999)
Lo Mejor de Vertigo (2005)
Martian Manhunter (1998)
Mercenary: The Freelance Illustration of Dan Brereton (2016)
Millennium (1988)
Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta (2002)
Rämeen olento (2010)
San Diego Comic Con Comics (1992)
Secret of the Swamp Thing (2005)
Secret Origins (1986)
Showcase '93 (1993)
Showcase Presents: Ambush Bug (2009)
Starman (1994)
Suicide Squad (1987)
Superboy (1949)
Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (1997)
Swamp Thing (1972)
Swamp Thing (1985)
Swamp Thing (1987)
Swamp Thing (2000)
Swamp Thing (2004)
Swamp Thing - Das Ding aus den Sümpfen (1990)
Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus (2017)
The Brave and the Bold (1955)
The Comic Relief Comic (1991)
The Demon (1990)
The Flash: A Celebration of 75 Years (2015)
The Kamandi Challenge (2017)
The New Titans (1988)
The Outsiders (1985)
The Saga of Swamp Thing (1982)
The Spectre (1987)
The Spectre (1992)
The Super Friends (1976)
The Vertigo Encyclopaedia (1993)
The Vertigo Encyclopedia (2008)
The Vertigo Gallery: Dreams and Nightmares (1995)
Time Masters (1990)
Totems (2000)
Twixt Two Worlds (1995)
Underworld Unleashed: Abyss- Hell's Sentinel (1995)
Vertigo Jam (1993)
Vertigo Preview (1992)
Vertigo Secret Files and Origins: Swamp Thing (2000)
Vertigo Secret Files: Hellblazer (2000)
Vertigo X Anniversary (2003)
Vertigo: First Taste (2005)
What The--?! (1988)
Who's Who in the DC Universe (1990)
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985)
Who's Who: Update '87 (1987)

Movie Appearances:
Swamp Thing (1982)
The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

Video Game Appearances:
Swamp Thing (1992)

Group Affiliation(s):
Black Lantern Corps

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